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Stretch & Mobility Nite- Coming November

The Movement Mechanics prime goal is to get clients to move more efficiently and help clients who have pain, use exercise as a way to lessen or eliminate their pain through optimizing movement. We use a detailed movement evaluation process and then program to illicit REAL CHANGE in your body.

Clients with knee, back, and shoulder pain have benefitted over and over by using our system. One aspect we spend a lot of time on is increasing mobility with these clients. We have specific stretching protocols and exercises to help prepare and cue your body to move properly. This has become our specialty.

While in San Diego, we were introduced to many new modalities that we learned to use and are going to be bringing to Clovis- starting November 2018.

Stretch & Mobility Nite will be two hours/ two times a week in the evening and consist of a combination of partner assisted stretching, self care exercises and modalities, and possibly other modalities like cupping, scraping, vibration massage or trigger point mobility work.

Each session will consist of a 5-10 minute consult to establish the best session for you, and 20-25 minutes of work. Use it as an active recovery day when you are sore or do a session late in the week to feel awesome for the weekend! Every session is customized to your needs. Come spend 30 of the most productive minutes of your day with us! Sessions will be available for purchase before November 1st. Stay tuned.

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